Breast Cancer Survival Up...You Can Help

Every woman is at risk for breast cancer and one in every eight American women are diagnosed with it.

A local breast cancer survivor says the Susan G. Komen foundation is an important player in increasing survival rates. In fact, $150,000 is expected to be raised at this Saturday's 18th annual Race for the Cure.

Amarillo directors say they expect 4,500 participants, making it the most attended fund raiser in the Panhandle. The funds raised go towards research, awareness, and medical assistance.

Twenty-year-survivor Georgia Weathers says the funding has greatly contributed to more women surviving in the Panhandle because early detection is vital. "Practice the three things they should. Doctors yearly exam, mammogram and then the monthly self exam. And most of them seemed to be detected by the woman in something is not right," says Weathers.

Twenty-five percent of the funds raised this weekend goes to the national foundation and 75% stays in the 26 panhandle counties.

To join the race, contact the Susan G. Komen Amarillo chapter at 354-9706 or visit