Guns Discovered in Amarillo High Student's Car

Two .22 rifles...two shotguns... Ammunition and a butterfly style knife were recovered from the car of an Amarillo High School student today.

Police who searched the car were acting on a tip that the student was hiding illegal drugs. Instead of drugs... The police found the weapons.

As a result....the driver of the car...a 16-year-old male student... Was taken into custody.

Officials say there is no indication the student intended to use the weapons to threaten or harm anyone.

The following is a letter to parents from AHS Principal Mark Webster:

September 23, 2008

Dear Parents,

As you have probably heard through the media, weapons were found in a vehicle parked on the AHS campus on Tuesday.   Acting on a Student Crime Stoppers tip, AHS liaison officers and principals were able to keep the campus safe and secure the weapons.  We have no current reason to believe that anyone was in imminent danger. The investigation is now in the hands of the Amarillo Police Department.

At AHS we continually monitor our Crisis Management Plan to meet student needs in every possible crisis situation.  Thankfully, today we remained at the most basic level of security because students paid attention and told the right people. 

As you know the investigation is on-going.  We maintain the confidentiality of any student or person involved in this investigation; while protecting their rights, we also want to reassure you that appropriate measures will always be taken to protect your child if he or she is ever assessed to be in danger.

My pledge to you is to keep our campus personnel vigilant and responsive to all situations.


Mark Webster