College Admissions: Online Risk of Rejection

College applicants... Beware. Your essays and application aren't the only things that decide if you get into your dream school. What you put on the Internet could put you on the rejected list. Confirming every paranoid high schooler's worst fear... One out of every ten college admissions officers say they look at a student's Facebook and MySpace profiles.

Senior Megan Isabell says "I don't have anything to hide." But if you do, college admissions officers are hoping to find it. Suggestive photos, jokes about underage drinking and risque comments about their crush in math class aren't things most senior submit with their applications, but in some cases, the admissions office is seeing them anyway's.

AISD Prevention Specialist Teresa Kenedy says "Kids think that whatever they post online will only be seen by their family and friends, and stay within their own little world. But once you put it on the Internet, it's seen by way more than just your family and friends.

We spoke with the admissions office at several Texas schools to see if they check online profiles... WT, University of Texas and Baylor all said they never check them. Texas Tech, Texas A&M and TCU said there's no policy saying admissions can't do a little snooping. And that makes Senior Eric Martinez a little bit nervous.

"If  they're looking at that, then yes, I'd have to change quite a few things." Isabell says she actually likes the background check. "I think you can tell by someone's profile whether they are a partier or whether they're going to take school seriously." Kennedy says when it comes to online profiles... When in doubt, take it out. Don't put anything online you wouldn't want your parents to see." One-third of the admissions offices say they had a negative opinion of the student after checking out their profile.