Bail Jumper: Ikeno "Keno" Campbell

An Amarillo man skips his bail, but his bond agent is still trying to help 20-year-old Ikeno Campbell.  He was headed to jail for felony drug charges and never showed up for sentencing back in July.

Bail agent Leisa Helton has helped bond out Ikeno Campbell for two years.  "It's just certain people if you deal with the, you get to know them, know their family. You don't think of them as criminals. Just people who make mistakes," Helton said.

Campbell made the mistake of not showing for court on drug charges or to serve a weekend sentence on two prior misdemeanors.   Helton said after he missed court she did not expect to hear from him.  "Once they miss that court date. They are not going to be checking in with me, she said.

Helton says that it's no surprise, that Campbell is scared and on the run.  "I would like for him to turn himself in. He's not helping his situation or not my situation either. I also understand too," she said.

Campbell has ties to Amarillo, so Helton does not expect Campbell to go far. "His family is here he's from here I believe he still in town, " she said.

Ikeno "Keno" Campbell is described as a 20-year-old African-American male, 6'1, 175 pounds with brown eyes and black closely shaved hair.  Campbell has 2 tattoos, one with dice and the other tattoo with the initials SJC.  If you have any information call Leis Helton at All About Bail Bond at 342-4500.