What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy - Episode 9

We started with 26.. Tonight 25 remain. The Amarillo Police Academy has lost a cadet.

We knew at the beginning, they all were not expected to make it. They have been through grueling physical training, having to go back to class and learn the law, learn an entirely new driving technique, bruised and sore.

It seems, that final training was too much for one.

Sgt. Strecia McCaig says, "This is the beginning of a lot of hands on physical requirements that they have to complete successfully. It's not really to early. If somebody starts having a problem or starts realizing that maybe this is not the career for them, a lot of times they will realize that during this defensive tactics week. "

Each cadet has a partner... But now one is single.. It's not just that cadet dealing with the drop... But the entire class.

Sgt. McCaig says, "I think everyone was disappointed they are a close knit group and we want everyone to succeed, but I think realistically we all recognize the fact that some people will not."

There is some good news... This cadet isn't a total loss. They went back to their previous job, which was still with the Police department, just in a different capacity.

Meaning the city is just out the raise in pay the person received.

"The city's cost this time was pretty insignificant and we still keep a good employee." Sgt. McCaig says.

As we mentioned, the weeks will only get more intense, and this recruit may not be the only one to throw in the towel.