Corn Maze More Than Halloween Fun

Derinda Patton, Amazingly Fun Farm
Derinda Patton, Amazingly Fun Farm

Passing out flyers, putting up posters, television commercials... All common ways people are encouraging you to vote.... But one local is family is taking it to a whole new level.

After a week and a half of working every day, eight acres of corn were transformed into a maze hand cut to perfection. As for the maze's design... It's something you have to see to believe. From the air....

There's no mistaking the Vote 2008 and the American flag... But from inside the maze, it's a little less cut and dry. "Should we go left or go straight?" But no doubt about it, the message is loud and clear. Derinda Patton of the Amazingly Fun Farm says, "We want people to know it's a privilege to vote in this country.

It's not about who you vote for, it's just about getting out there and getting involved in the process." Those brave enough to enter the maze are in for a treat... And a challenge. "It's tough!!" We tested out the maze ourselves.... And had some ups.... "Alright! we found number three!!" As well as some downs... "Well, after ten minutes of walking, we're right back where we started."

In these tough economic times, those acres of corn we were lost in are proving to be a big money maker for the Patton family. "Yes, when you're talking about the eight acres, we're making more money by having people go through the corn maze than we would if we were to harvest and sell the corn."

Patton is also hoping the corn maze will help families learn about the lifestyle she loves. "Twenty years ago, everybody had a grandpa or an uncle who had a farm. Nowadays, that doesn't happen, so this will hopefully give people a chance to become more educated about farming." While the twists and turns might be intimidating for some, we met one young navigator whose up for the challenge.

Destiny Barfield is confident. "We're going to finish it." We did eventually finish the maze... It took us about 45 minutes. If you would like more information on the Amazing Fun Farm, call (806) 685 - 1473, or go to