Kidney Disease Growing in Panhandle

Kidney disease is increasingly common in the Panhandle and the West Texas kidney foundation is hoping to stop this trend through education.

Almost 3,500 people in the Panhandle are receiving kidney dialysis treatment. To help ease the financial burdens of the families, today the Panhandle Foundation held a Kidney Walk to help fund research and treatment. They tell me while one in nine Americans will be affected by kidney disease, nearly half do not know they have weak or failing kidneys.

However, certain people are more at risk. Tracy Sommers says, "If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, those are the two main key reasons that you always need to talk to your doctor and question your doctor about your kidney function. But you know if you're going to have a history of the kidney disease and the diabetes and the high blood pressure those would defiantly be signs."

the west texas kidney Foundation offers free screenings twice a year.

For more information visit www.  your doctor.