Economy Affects Nutrition

Margaret Dayton, WIC Director
Margaret Dayton, WIC Director

The high cost of living is causing more area residents to become malnourished and looking for help.

The Amarillo Women, Infants, and Children Program is accommodating the growing nutritional need.

8,600 women and children walk through the wic doors every month and that number is continuing to grow.

The director says she has seen a 9% increase in clients in the last twelve months.

I spoke with one of those clients this afternoon. The Castleberry family has been using vouchers for two years but says the current economy is making things harder.

Mother Crystal says, "There's a big difference from two years ago today. It doesn't matter what the price is wic takes care of us. "

And going from paper food vouchers to the Electronic Benefit Transfer card has helped WIC provide the extra money quickly. Castleberry says, "It's so much easier because I have four kids so when I need just a gallon of milk I can just put the card in and boom it's done, I don't have to sign anything. "

WIC Director Margaret Dayton says, it also allows the state to monitor the pricing and increase the maximum allowed cost for clients easily.

Qualifications for WIC include being pregnant, post partum, caring for a child up to age five, you must be a Texas resident, have a low income, as well as complete a medical review to prove malnourishment.

For more information call;

Women, Infants, Children Nutrition Program

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