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New Texting Service Sets Up Drinkers with Rides Home

Lauree Manton, Parent Lauree Manton, Parent
Carol Allen, Impact Futures Carol Allen, Impact Futures
Mike Yazbek, Yellow Cab Co. Mike Yazbek, Yellow Cab Co.

Finding a safe way to get home after a night of drinking prompts one pop star to launch a national campaign that can be used right here in Amarillo.

Now anyone can text 3-7-3-7-3 and be connected with a local cab company to get a ride home.

The program is also open to teenagers who have chosen to break the law and consume alcohol... And one parent says she appreciates that.

Lauree Manton in no way supports underage drinking... But she says she would be proud of her daughter if she used the service and insured others safety.

"If I knew that my daughter had been somewhere and I wasn't able to pick her up but someone else was, and we had to go the next day and pick up the car, that is a minor issue."

Manton says she thinks this national campaign is a good way to open the lines of communication between parents and teens... To say drinking isn't ok... But their safety is number one.

Carol Allen with Impact Futures says, "The parents need to be clear about, do not do that, if you are drinking, please call me, I will come get you, we will not get into an argument that night, tomorrow you are going to have consequences yes, but I'm not going to rake you over the coals, I'm not going to put you in jail for the rest of your life because you were drinking, I just want you to be safe."

The campaign is being backed by music artist Sean "Diddy" Combs.. In hopes his pop culture status will encourage people to use the service.

Yellow Cab Co. owner Mike Yazbek says, "It important to not turn around and cause a problem where you could if nothing else ruin your car, second of all if you get caught having an accident you are going to lose your license for at least a year, it's going to cost you about 18 thousand dollars before it is all over with and third you can kill somebody you can ruin someone's life, someone else's life. It's just not worth it."

A local Bar Owner Agrees.

Oscar Gamboa, who owns Bodega's and La Chateau says, "A good friend of mine is from Las Vegas and I know they say 2 out of 3 people in Las Vegas if they get behind the wheel they have been drinking. Friday night, Saturday night is no different in Amarillo."

Just a reminder, the number you can text is 3-7-3-7-3.

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