Off-Duty Officers Break-up Assault at Southwest Park

Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones

Three off-duty officers who were participating in a softball game at John Stiff Park broke up a fight in the nearby skate park.

They ran from the softball complex to the skate park because they saw four to five people beating and kicking a victim who was on the ground.

The first three officers detained three people before they could leave.

One of the off-duty officers was punched in the face by a teenage girl during the brawl. That 16-year-old girl was later cited and released.

18-year-old Caleb Alexander Lee Jones was taken into custody and later charged with assault by contact, possession of marijuana and five traffic warrants.

Police also arrested a 17-year-old boy for assault with bodily injury because he was seen kicking the victim in the head.

Other players, umpires, and on-duty officers soon responded to the scene. The original three off-duty officers say when they arrived it seemed like they were outnumbered 30 to three.

Sgt. Barbee with the Amarillo Police Department says the officers responded as they are required to do.

Off-duty officers are required to respond when they witness a life threatening situation as long as safety permits.

Barbee says the off-duty officers did exactly what they were supposed to do, and after the situation was under control the game continued. The outcome of the game is not known at the time.