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How To Beat Fair Food Health Risks

Tim Cunningham Tim Cunningham

Salmonella might not be a risk at the Tri-State Fair, but there is another risk you face by eating all of that fried fair food... Your health.

There are hundreds of calories in just one snack... And in some cases over 1000 calories. But that's not stopping many from enjoying their favorite treat. "Probably gonna be the footlongs... It's either the curly taters or the calf fries... Cheese on a stick... Fried ice cream.

Local health expert Tim Cunningham says studies have shown that people who eat foods high in fat see an increased risk of heart disease and heart attacks just thirty minutes after eating. But not all is lost. "You can do something about it. You can take antioxidants. Half the group they gave anti-oxidants to. A, C, E and selenium. The other group they didn't. The ones who took the anti-oxidants their levels did not spike. There are definitely things you can do to protect your body from causing that spike, but you know, it's all in moderation." The item that tops the calorie list is giant turkey legs... They check in at nearly 1100 calories.

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