Fair Food: The Calorie Count

It can be a deep fried diet disaster. Fair foods lure hundreds every year, but those fried foods on a stick really pack a calorie punch.

While the roller coasters and tilt a whirl are a big draw for some, most of the folks we spoke with today say they come for one reason and one reason alone... The food. Lets find out how many calories you're taking in when dining on your fair favorites.

Keep in mind, an average diet should consist of 2500 calories a day. According to WebMD, fried cheesecakes checks in at 655 calories. As for that foot long corn dog... You're looking at 375 calories. Top it off with a funnel cake and you'll add another 760 calories.

Topping the calorie list is a giant turkey leg... Coming in at nearly half of your daily recommendation... 1100 calories.