Fair Foods: Deep Fried Diet Disasters

From fried twinkies to foot long corn dogs... Fair food is one of the main things that draws people to the Tri-State fair every year.

It's not secret your favorite treats really pack in the calories, but they can pose a danger to your immediate health as well. The fair can be described as a fried food lovers dream come true and a cardiologist's worst nightmare. All of the food options add up to a deep fried diet disaster. Everyone has their favorite, from fried ice cream to corn dogs to cheese on a stick to fried pickles. For some it's a one time splurge, and for others, it's a repeat treat. "I had one of these cajun chicken sandwiches yesterday and I liked it, so I came back and had another today."

Regardless of whether you come one time, or come every day, you're not doing your body any favors. Eat-Rite Nutritionist Tim Cunningham says "When you eat those kind of things, your blood automatically spikes and increases your risk of heart attacks and heart disease. That's all within 30 minutes of eating those foods." There are some healthier alternatives to the fried cheese and corn dogs... And Cunningham knows just where to find them. "Go to the stand where no one is in line and that's probably the healthier option."

One woman we caught up with convinces herself its okay to eat all those fried foods once a year. "When you leave the fair all of the calories get sucked out right? To give you an idea of calories... a corn dog checks in at 375 and a funnel cake checks in at a whopping 760.