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A Second Job to Make Ends Meet

Emilio Montano Emilio Montano
Barry Thornley, Labor Finder Branch Manager Barry Thornley, Labor Finder Branch Manager

The rising cost of living has some looking for a second job and day labor companies are an increasingly popular way to earn extra cash.

High gas prices and home payments are the top reasons I'm told many people are working two jobs. Day labor can be more appealing than a part time job because it brings flexibility and freedom.

As an oil rig floor manager Emilio Montano says he never imaged he would need a second job and says last year he was doing fine on the same wages. "Yes, it would have been about right. But lately it's been hard."

And as a professional with experience, Montano says he feels out of place with some of his assignments.

"Yeah sometimes when I get jobs that I'm over qualified for I feel kind of like I don't feel right. You know I've done so much in my life and now I'm back down to the bottom and it feels like I have to crawl back up again.

Labor Finder Branch Manager Barry Thornley says he is increasingly seeing people in the same shoes as Montano.

He says the low unemployment rate in our area is also causing him to have too many workers and not enough jobs.

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