Ride Safety At Tri-State Fair

Cal White, Tri-State Fair Marketing Director
Cal White, Tri-State Fair Marketing Director

Before folks hit the Midway at the Tri-State fair, some fairgoers want to know how the safe are the rides they enjoy.

Some feel the Tri-State fair grounds could have the safest rides in the area. Thousands of people will make their way to fair every day this week and a majority of fairgoers take advantage of dozens rides to catch a thrill.

Tri-State Fair rider, Maikah Gutierrez gets worried sometimes, "I'm afraid that may be we'll get stuck on the ride and seat belts won't be working they don't notice until we're upside down," she said.

Those concerns are being addressed with regular inspections and certifications on rides like the ones at the fair. Tri-State Fair marketing Director Cal White says the inspections are a regular occurrence for safety. "They inspect every ride to make sure these rides are rideable condition for the avid fair goer. People wonder about this but we keep a close eye on this, " White said.

Young and old fairgoers feel the rides at the Tri-State fair are some of the safest in the area.  Mother Jessica Cavazos says he kids are safe on the rides.  "I feel like they're pretty safe just as safe as any other ride you ride at the amusement park," Cavazos said. Her daughter Analyssa agrees, "They have a lot of handle bars and they have like have seatbelts around your waist so you won't be able to fly off," she said.

Some say feeling that thrill is what makes this fair fun. Excited rider Juan Altumirano said, "They're safe and they're scary a little bit but it's just to make it fun".

Crabtree Amusements is the company taking care of the assembly and up-keep on the rides and have even added new rides for this year's Tri-State fair.