WTAMU Football Games

It's football season again and the crowds are out in mass for WTAMU football. This is indeed outstanding, not just for the school, but also for the community. So, now that we have a solid winning team, and amazing growth in support for them, when will the school step up and start to make the changes that are necessary to support both the team and the community?

Traffic is a mess. Parking, what parking. Tailgating...a great American ritual...maybe not at WTAMU. The stadium, ummm...how about some expansion. Everyone knows that sports are an intregal part of a University. In order to be a big dog, you have to be willing and able to support those that support you. Costly? Yes. Worth it? ABSOLUTELY.

How about this...the traffic is an issue and may not be able to be fixed easily due to the location of the stadium, and I will concede to that. Parking...that's another story. Ever heard of shutteling people? How about using all that available parking at the First United Bank Center and then bussing the people to the game. Maybe that would help keep bar ditch parking down and I can imagine many of those people wouldn't mind paying a nominal fee for secured parking and a quick free ride to the stadium. Tailgating...let it happen. Sell parking at the stadium for a hefty fee, then let people cook and drink and have fun. Take a cue from the rest of the world and let it happen. How many thousands of corporate dollars are available to purchase parking spaces? PLENTY. And it is apparent at Universities across the countrt that they will buy the spots and they will tailgate...if you let them. Finally, the stadium. It is old and small and in desperate need of renovations. How about a sponsor? It's another national phenomena...corporate sponsorships to support everything we do in life. How does the Atmos Energy Buffalo Stadium sound? Maybe real nice if the funds show up to help with renovations.

I love WTAMU Football. Let me make that clear. But I am afraid that the more we grow and continue to be GREAT, the more our University needs to focus on providing a top notch form of entertainment for our community and not run them off by failing to meet their needs.

Tony Smitherman
Canyon, TX