TxDOT Helping with Hurricane Ike

Daphne Adkins, TxDOT
Daphne Adkins, TxDOT

The people of Amarillo are doing what they can to help Hurricane Ike evacuees.

In fact, an Amarillo TxDOT worker is in Houston right now. The brunt of Hurricane Ike is expected to arrive in the next few hours and TxDOT employees are manning the phone lines 24 hours to answer questions.

Local TxDOT worker Paul Braun who is in Houston, tells us he is with 250 emergency specialists waiting out the storm and preparing to survey the damage tomorrow.

"This is going to be absolute devastation in the low lying coastal areas. This storm is a category two to a category three but I tell you what people are afraid of it because it's got a massive storm surge," says Braun.

Braun says most of the calls he takes are from Texans who have already left the danger zones.

"Most people who are going out of town have already left. A vast majority of citizens in Houston are staying put in their homes and hunkering down from the storm. It's the areas like Galveston, Freeport, and Bay City. Those are the places that are pretty much empty.

An Amarillo supervisor says TxDOT is more prepared now compared to past disasters.

Daphne Adkins says, "Cause when you hang up you have no doubt you've touched these people's lives. You have made their life easier, they feel more comfortable and they know they have the information that they need."

To keep track of road conditions and Hurricane Ike's path yourself, log on to www.txdot.gov