Local Firefighters Remember 9/11 and Brotherhood

Captain Kurt Ecker
Captain Kurt Ecker
Firefighter Casey Woolsey
Firefighter Casey Woolsey

Memories of 9/11 bring back images of firefighters rushing in the Twin Towers during the worst of times.

For more than 30 years Captain Kurt Ecker has served his community.. 9/11 was no different... The same goes for two firefighters in New York City who knew Ecker.

Who never paused to think of themselves.. Something ecker says he carries with him.

Ecker says, "I knew two of the guys who died that died in that tower, but still all 343 were brother firefighters."

Ecker says as a native New Yorker, he had connections that took him to the scene seven years ago... And still take him back today.

"I know and were aquatinted with two of the guys who parished in the towers. Were they close friends of mine, no, but having grown up in new York they were acquaintances that I knew through the years before I came to Amarillo and knew em as they were going through their careers in New York."

When a call comes in and they dawn the hat, put on the jacket and boots there is still of feeling of others first themselves second.

Ecker says, "Have the towers changed the way we do our job, no... Now personally has it changed us... Oh you bet."

Firefighter Casey  Woolsey says, "It affected the guys deeply you could tell just the short period of time I was on, it was a tragedy all around the united states it wasn't just felt by the new Yorkers."

2,819 people were killed in the attack, 343 Firefighters and Paramedics