Hurricane Ike Preparations

In response to a National State of Emergency Declaration the City of Amarillo is preparing to shelter up to one-thousand Hurricane Ike evacuees.

Because Hurricane Gustav preparations were made less than two weeks ago the city says so far Hurricane Ike preparations have been minimal.

The Emergency Management Coordinator says,"The things you see set up here were set up during Gustav so as far as man power being pulled away to set up a shelter that's really not the case in this case. We're basically ready to go we're just kind of waiting to hear the planes are in the air."

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Community Service Coordinator Vicki Covey says, "The Katrina shelter we sheltered a little over 240 people for about ten days and that one cost us about $360,000 for the shelter operations. Of course we had to buy alot of new things there. Rita cost us about $160,000 and we sheltered about 140 people. So it's gonna cost I would say between $150,000 and $200,000."

Under the federal disaster declaration the city will eventually be reimbursed for all costs by FEMA.

The city plans to leave the civic center set up until the end of the month in case another potential disaster heads our way.