Woman Injured by Shotgun Shot During Softball Game

Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones

Loud bangs are usually normal for recreation league softball games.

But on Sunday at Southeast Park in Amarillo the bangs from the nearby Amarillo Gun Club came too close.

"All I felt was burning. I mean everyone was behind me, they couldn't see me and I just felt a burn," said Shannon Jones.

Jones was in the dugout of the southeastern most field at the park when she was hit in the leg from a shot.

One local gun expert says the shot most likely came from a number three buck shot.

"Number three buck would be used for self defense purposes. Or it could be used for hunting but generally it's used for self defense purposes," said Burnie Stokes, the owner of Panhandle Gunslingers.

Jones has a bruise about three inches long on her thigh where the bullet hit. She planned on visiting the doctor today and NewsChannel 10 has not received an update on her condition.

"Now two days later, I realized even though it didn't go through my leg it probably damaged my muscle, because the muscle's what hurts," Jones said.

Scott Jones, Shannon's brother, was standing next to her when the incident occurred. He says he's thankful the situation wasn't worse.

"I almost wouldn't want to come out here again after something like this. It's too close to the kids. It's way to close to my son," Scott said.

The Amarillo Gun Club says it's proud of it's 50 plus year history of safety in which no gun related accidents have occurred.

They say the bullets allowed at the club never get close to the size in which Jones was hit with.

An investigation is underway in order to find the shooter who acted outside the allowed guidelines, and injured Jones.