Perry deliberating reprieve for Hood

Charles Dean Hood
Charles Dean Hood

(AP) _ Governor Rick Perry is deliberating a request to halt tomorrow's scheduled execution of death row inmate Charles Dean Hood.

The convicted killer's attorneys have asked Perry for a 30-day reprieve so they can pursue their claim that Hood's trial judge and prosecutor had an unethical romantic affair. Perry says he'll make a decision "at the appropriate time.''

Meanwhile, in McKinney, Hood's lawyers questioned the retired North Texas judge who presided over his murder trial 18 years ago. The court-ordered deposition of retired state District Judge Verla Sue Holland came a day after former District Attorney Tom O'Connell underwent similar questioning by Hood's attorneys.

Holland is a former Texas Court of Criminal Appeals judge. Her lawyer, Bill Boyd, has said that when Hood was tried, convicted and condemned for the fatal shootings, no one in the case had an improper relationship.

Hood is sentenced to die for the 1989 slaying of former stripper Tracie Lynn Wallace and her boyfriend, Ronald Williamson, at Williamson's home in Plano.