Winter Weather Predictions

Chilly weather tonight could be a sign of a winter much colder than average and lots of snow, according to the Farmers Almanac that's being released today.

The National Weather Service, though, says they disagree with half of the Almanac's predictions. Senior Forecaster Roland Nunez says "as far as winter goes, we're looking at a winter that will be above normal as far as temperatures go and also by the time we get to December, January and February we're looking at above normal precipitation so that bodes well for the Panhandles."

He's not calling for exceptionally warm weather... Nunez says to expect lots of days below freezing, but says we'll also see more days in the sixties and possibly even seventies as we get closer to january and february. On those cold days, snow is a distinct possibility. "If the conditions are right and the temperature is right it could very well lead to more snow than we normally have particularly for last year." In 2007, we saw 21-point-four inches of snow, which was three inches above average.