Bail Jumper: Damon Shawn Aylor

Damon Shawn Aylor
Damon Shawn Aylor

You could be paying the price, for bad checks that an Amarillo fugitive is writing across the Panhandle. Writing worthless checks is not unusual for an 34 year old Damon Shawn Aylor, who has a long history of writing checks that he cannot cash.

Our NewsChannel Ten bail jumper of the week is wanted by several bond agents in our region for hurting consumers and businesses by committing the crime of writing hot checks.

Local Bond Agent Connie Snider has bailed Aylor out in the past and now needs him back in court. "I wouldn't take a check from him if he comes into your business or offers you a check I wouldn't take it," she said.

Several businesses have, forcing them to change their check policies and pass the cost on to consumers. "It makes it so much difficult to write a check for a company because they have to cover their fees and what they lose," Snider said explaining the repercussions we face with bad checks.

While it may be difficult for some, but not Damon Shawn Aylor who's made writing hot checks a habit since 2002. "He's been arrested for numerous hot checks, one charge for forgery he had a charge for an assault on a family member. So he's not really violent just a thief," she said.

A suspected thief that Snider thinks needs a little more than just paying fines.  "I don't think in any of the cases... He's done any jail time. The most he's gotten probation or paid fines fees and the checks off. Maybe a little bit of jail time might deter him from doing it some more," Snider said.

Aylor goes by his middle name Shawn who is 5'11 210 pounds with brown hair and eyes.  Aylor may have family in areas of Borger and Amarillo.

If you have any information Aylor and want to help bring a bad check writer to justice... Call BailMaxx Bonding at 351-0100.

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