The Problem with Code Violations

Violations have piled up and the city of Amarillo is at a point where they can't do much more.

The Sungate Apartments are currently working on renovating three condemned buildings, but the complex is home to 25 other deteriorating buildings.

The manager of these apartments says her crews are working hard on updating the facility.

But the city sees it in a different way.

"The majority of them I think there's 28 buildings on this particular property. Everyone of them has some type of violation," said Howard Bilderback, the administrator for the Building Safety Department.

The city says they don't have a running tally but in the past six years this apartment complex has received 200 to 300 complaints.

But while they may be the leader in town, they are not the alone.

I will say that anything prior to 1970 have numerous safety violations because of a lack of maintenance," Bilderback said.

All the old apartments in town are running a toll on the building safety department.

As the city grows, the staff has now, and now they're facing a problem covering the entire city.

"We could run 24/7 and not get caught up. We're short on personnel. The city keeps expanding our personnel doesn't," said Bilderback.

He says his lack of workforce is one reason facilities like this can go so long without city mandated improvements.

He thinks if their was a full inspection of this facility each unit would yield up to five citations.