What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy - Episode 7

Cadet Gutierrez
Cadet Gutierrez

Pick a lane of least resistance in a split second, or decide whether to swerve left or right around on object.. They are difficult decisions, but ones cadets have to make under pressure.

The colors symbolize which lane would be the path of least resistance... But they don't get to see them until the last minute.

Cadet Gutierrez says, "It looks easy and it looks easy on TV, these guys have training and it is a lot different. It is not as easy as it looks."

Instructors say this course judges the cadets ability to see a problem and make the correct decision on a dime.

Another dime time decision is a course called the Lollipop.

And cadets will tell you it's neither sweet nor prized.

The course causes drivers to make a 360 degree turn... The problem is you don't know which way to turn till the last minute... Or second.

Not only do you make a last minute decision, but you have to maintain a certain speed.. Handle the curve just right.. And then weave in and out of cones on your way back down the path.

One of the funniest courses for cadets, I dubbed cops and robbers. One cadets plays the bad guy, and gets to drive through the course not using the new steering techniques trying to get away from the other cadet - the cop.

The drill shows cadets that new steering techniques and learning to control the car helps them keep up with.. And even catch the bad guy.

All of our cadets passed the test when it came to field driving.

Follow the new recruits as they find out what it takes to make it through the Amarillo Police Academy