Hell Week Starts in Amarillo

It's a rivalry that's survived decades... And the tension between Amarillo High and Tascosa High is still as hot for this weeks game.

With the game comes "Hell Week", and while it may have started off as pranks... In the last few years more destruction has been seen.

Bricks thrown through windows, spray paint, or even the classic egging.. "Hell Week" can cause several residents big damage as some try and show their spirit.

But you may be surprised just who is causing the problem.

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld with APD Crime Prevention, "A lot of times it is not the current students that we have the majority of the problems with its those kids that have been out a year or two years and it is kind of like the school can't do anything to be now, so they jump in the middle of it."

Cpl. Neufeld says so far things have been calm... But officials are gearing up for the worse.

Extra officers will be patrolling the schools, and Cpl. Neufeld says all field officers are aware of the situation.

Cpl. Neufeld says one reason why he thinks this year may be calmer is due to how early in the school year the game is this season.