Women Weigh in On Palin

With two months left until the presidential election, all eyes are on Sarah Palin... A woman some are calling inexperienced and others are calling mccain's best decision. More than half of American voters are women, so is Sarah Palin's "hockey mom" appeal winning them over? We talked with several Amarillo women to find out.

Regardless of whether you're choice is Barack Obama or John McCain, you can't ignore the fact that having a women in the mix really shakes things up. In a poll taken right before Palin's speech, 14% of women voters are still undecided....and in a race that's predicted to be close, those 14% could tip the scales. We asked Amarillo women to weigh in. Wanda Bass says, "It's great. I think it's letting women know that it's okay to be strong and it's okay to speak up. She's letting us know that women have a voice and we do." Hope Hillier tells us "I'm not voting for her just because she's a woman. I don't think it matters that she's a woman. I am voting for her because i agree with what she thinks." While Phien Gsavanh doesn't think Palin is the right woman for the job. "It's a difficult situation. She has five kids and it's too big of a job for her. She's a smart lady, but she's not ready." Lori Criag adds, "Women can have a family. They can have kids and have a job. It's okay to have a homelife." We asked local Democrat and Republican party officials to weigh in as well. Randall County Democrats Chairman Jim Otto says "To run on that fact and have that fact be a major part of their campaign doesn't make much sense. To think that women will vote for her just because she's a woman, I think it's selling women short." Amarillo Republican Women's Jayne Brainard says "I think it's really energized everything. I don't know who they though we were going to pick, and to be honest I didn't really look into it that much myself, but I knew that John McCain would make a good choice." Whatever your political opinion may be, it's not to late to let your voice be heard... You have one more month to register to vote. The last day is October sixth.