Sungate Apartments Backed-Up With Sewage

Residents at one Amarillo apartment complex woke up this morning to the smell of sewage.

Adding one more public health issue to a long list at the Sungate apartments.

Many residents say the sewage problem has affected them.

From bathrooms, to kitchens, to even outside the buildings, they say stench of human waste is everywhere.

"I had to put something at the end of the stairs so we didn't have to walk in it," said Connie Abernathy, a Resident who has to walk through the waste in order to access her apartment.

Residents of these apartments say they've had to live for three days with this mess around their apartments.

But the problem began getting fixed minutes before we showed up.

The back-up has even lead into people's homes and created un-sanitary conditions in bathrooms and kitchens.

"Been having to keep my nose plugged, use a plunger on my sink which has been a problem for months. It's just been gross," Abernathy said.

Many of the residents we spoke with said they feared for their health and the health of their families.

"My Children, I have to keep them in the house and if they walk through it. I'm spraying them down with lyesal and scrubbing them with sanitizer. It's just not good," said Abernathy.

Residents say situations like this have happened frequently in the past.

And Abernathy says this is just one of the reasons she's packed up her belongings and she's moving out in the morning.

"To better my kids living conditions. This is a health hazard, I do not want my kids to be sick."

The manager of the complex declined to go on camera but she did tell us the situation only popped up today and was taken care of as soon as her crews could fix the problem.