Safety Stressed as Hunting Season Begins

A Texas law, in effect for the first time this season, now allows kids as young as nine to legally hunt alone.

Hunting season has been underway for almost a week and as it continues on through the winter there are some important things hunters and non-hunters should know.

The Texas legislature voted last year to lower the minimum hunter education age from 12 to nine.

So as hunting season progresses on, there are more kids getting into hunting.

"I had 2 or 3 in my class last week that was 9," said Game Warden Lance Lindley.

Game warden lindley teaches hunter education classes for the texas parks and wildlife department.

He says it's better for kids to learn safety at a young age.

"When they finish the class I think they're pretty appreciative of how much they've learned," said Game Warden Lindley.

But kids aren't the only ones who need to be taught.

Game Wardens say the violation they deal with most is hunters who violate safety laws.  Then, accidents happen.

"They occur quite a bit. A lot of times they're not severe enough where they are reported to us but a lot of times a hunter will shoot in the direction of another guy and pepper him with his shot," said Lindley.

"I've been here 5 years now and knock on wood we haven't had any significant hunting instances other than some minor injuries," said Nation Park Service Ranger Matt Senulis.

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