Cancer Research Leading The Way For More Cancer Survivors

Dr. Brian Pruitt
Dr. Brian Pruitt
Dr. Vance Esler
Dr. Vance Esler

A recently discovered protein in cancer cells has researchers saying it could change the way tumors are battled.

More and more people every year are being diagnosed with cancer, but for the past two years cancer deaths have gone down.

Doctor Brian Pruitt has practiced oncology for over two decades.

"What I see is patients in the past that couldn't be cared are cured today. We have so many more survivors than we ever had before," said Dr. Pruitt.

Oncologists say it's been since the turn of the century when they realized a change in cancer treatment occurred.

"There's a strong feeling that if the doctor tells you you have cancer your life is over. And really I think that's one thing that's really changing," said Dr. Vance Esler of Texas Oncology in Amarillo.

Both Dr. Esler and Dr. Pruitt say new research has helped increase the chances most people have in surviving.

"We've figured out target on cancer cells so we can actually target the cancer cells themselves. And leave the normal healthy tissues along," said Dr. Esler

"But the research goes on so more and more now. You can combine those therapies. give a therapy that's just directed at one person's cancer. I think that's the direction of cancer care in the future," said Dr. Pruitt.