Amarillo Medicine Man On The Move

Corporate competition is pushing some local pharmacies to make drastic decisions regarding their businesses.

Slow moving insurance, Medicare and online pharmacies are just a few of the reasons Amarillo's medicine man closed his doors on Friday. While some are excited about his decision to move on some also, say the move comes with a cost.

The store shut down at noon, but before pharmacists filled the last prescription, they received flowers, hugs and smiles. Just a few ways customers said so long to 30 years of the medicine man at the Village Pharmacy.

"It's an unfortunate, but I don't know what you do about that," long time customer Debbie Jackson said.

A hard choice for Dick Storseth to face, stay a small business or merge with United Super Market. "They have not pressured me. It's been very slow we've been doing this for quiet a while but I'm very comfortable with that," Storseth explained.

Some may feel it's an end of an era for Amarillo's medicine man at the Wolflin location. But Storseth says his dedication to his customers will continue.  "Good and bad it's part of your life. You're giving it up but I feel good about where I'm going," he said.

A big choice customers are coping with Jackson said, "For Dick it's never been about the business it's been about the people. And that's more healing then a lot of people can get. It's just caring," he said.

On Monday, the new United pharmacy will open their doors marking the end of one of the few independent pharmacists left in Amarillo.