Computer Recycling Law Begins

A free computer recycling program is now required for all Texas computer manufactures.

Texas lawmakers and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality say the goal of the law is to ease the costs on local governments for providing "E-Waste" recycling.

Computer equipment is a rapidly growing source of waste in Texas. In fact, only 18 percent of computers and its parts are recycled annually.

Allied Waste Recyclery site manager Kim Vincent says "E-Waste" like computer parts can be very harmful to the environment.

"Well, one we want to keep the lead and the mercury and the hazardous compounds out of the landfill is the main thing. It can get into the water supply you know, led can contaminate it," says Vincent.

She says the recycling law is also away to prevent consumers from accidentally allowing their identity to be stolen.

"It's about protection, identity theft, you have alot of information on your computer and most people don't know how to permanently erase that material so this way if you don't know how to do that and your computer is recycled with a reputable business then you don't have to worry about that information getting out."

Westgate Computer manufacturer Brad Sanders says, "We've been doing that for quite sometime prior to the this law even coming into effect. We offer to all of our customers that they can take the items that were manufactured by and purchased from us we will go ahead and properly dispose of them for them."

To find out where you can recycle your computer visit and click on your manufacturer.