New Virus Threatens Windows Users

Ray Wilson, Cat-Man-Du
Ray Wilson, Cat-Man-Du

Trying to stay on top of the political scene could leave your computer shutting down.. That's because a new virus is targeting residents of the panhandle.

You get an e-mail from a supposed news source.. When you open it, you will see a windows or vistas pop up, depending on what type of computer you have.

The pop up says the e-mail is a virus and tells you to renew your virus security program in order to fight the virus.. But it is a virus of it's own.

Ray Wilson with Cat-Man-Du says, "In some instances they are asking you to buy their software, and give them your credit card number and they are actually charging you for this bogus software."

Here are the key words to alert you of the virus.

Wilson says, "They are calling it win anti-spy 2008/2009. Sounds like it's a legitimate program. They are calling it vista anti-virus 2008/2009."

Wilson says he sees about a 10 cases a week of the virus.. Some are deleting everything on users computers to get rid of the virus.

Wilson says, if you think you have been infected contact a computer company and your credit card provider.