HUD Housing: Why It's Backed Up

It could be up to a year wait for those who want to live in HUD assisted housing. Panhandle Community Services says they have to turn qualified people away on a regular basis, because they're restricted on the number of families that can receive hud housing.

Phyllis Cook says "people don't come into our office if they don't have a problem. People don't come in here to say hey what's going on. They come in because there's an immediate need. And we would really like to help them right now, but the money just isn't there. We're given a certain amount of vouchers and once they're gone, they're gone. You can't go over." For those they can't give housing vouchers to, they try help them get back on their feet through counseling and classes. "We have intensive coaching. We've had lots of people go from way below the poverty level to graduate from college and get their degrees to being totally self- sufficient." The wait time for hud housing in Potter County is about a year. In Randall County, the wait time is about three to six months.