Free College Education to Get Off the Streets

Julie Hamilton, AC Student
Julie Hamilton, AC Student
Judy Johnson, Amarillo College
Judy Johnson, Amarillo College

Local women are getting back on their feet by heading back to the classroom...for free.

Faith City Ministries and Amarillo College are partnering to provide a free college education to homeless single mothers.

The program is called Success University and is an effort to give a homeless mom the opportunity to support her family without financial assistance.

I spoke with one of the students today who says she has struggled earning minimum wage while trying to provide for three of her daughters. Julie Hamilton says the opportunity for a free education is a dream come true.

"I'm hoping that whenever I finish this course I'm able to get me a decent paying job, be able to be off any kind of assistance and be able to show my girls that you can do it at no matter what age you are," says Hamilton.

She says earning six or seven dollars an hour has been a struggle that she never imagined she would have to face.

"It's very hard. Sometimes you live pay check to pay check sometimes you try to find anything, anything more to support your kids to give them the things that they have to have. Alot times they only get the things that they have to have and they don't get anything extra."

And women like Julie will start their education with college preparatory classes that will get them up to speed with college curriculum.

Amarillo College's Judy Johnson says, "our hope is that they will integrate into the college community and not be, and they will not necessarily be identified as Faith City Ministries students, they will just be A.C. students.

Faith City Ministries and A.C.  plan to give men the opportunity to be a part of Success University in the future.

The timeline depends on how the current program works and if additional funding comes through.

If you are interested in the university program contact Faith City Ministries at 373-6402.