Hutchison speech at GOP convention in limbo

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) _ Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison could give that prime time speech on energy at the GOP convention today, the convention's final day.

She was bumped from the speakers' lineup for yesterday evening, but still is in the center of activities at the convention.

Early yesterday, two political consultants discussed John McCain's vice presidential pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on with political analyst Chuck Todd.

Some comments they made while they thought their microphones were turned off were recorded and posted on YouTube. The comments referenced Hutchison.

In the YouTube video, Todd asks: "Don't you think the Palin pick was insulting to Kay Bailey Hutchison, who ...?''

Hutchison's experience, including her sizable election victories, easily eclipses Palin with her years in the Senate, Legislature and work in the private sector. Even so, Hutchison was full of praise for Palin.