Only 16% Pass Texas Fitness Test

Gary Angell, AISD Student Performance Director
Gary Angell, AISD Student Performance Director

Less than a quarter of students in Amarillo fall into the healthy zone... According to physical fitness test results released this week.

This was the first year the state of Texas required kids to put on their running shorts and sneakers and test their athelticism. The results are broken down by grade level and gender. 16.4% of the students tested fall into what's called the health fitness zone in at least five of the categories.

AISD Student Performance Director Gary Angell says "some of it's stretching, some of it's situps, some of it's agility. There's six tests." He says he's not shocked at the results. We're about on par with the rest of the state, but he says then again, that's nothing to be proud of considering the state isn't doing so well.

As for what they're doing with these results... We're told that several state senators are working on legislation that will require schools to help students reach the healthy zone.