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Why Kids Are Failing Fitness Tests

Sabrina Palascino Sabrina Palascino
Steve Nelson, Wrestling Coach, Palo Duro High School Steve Nelson, Wrestling Coach, Palo Duro High School
Jasmine Stell Jasmine Stell

Not being able to pass the physical fitness test... It's a statewide problem and an area of concern locally in Amarillo as well.

Based on the Texas fitness test results that came in this week, it seems like more students need to come to the track and do a few laps, but we've learned there's more to it than hitting the pavement. Sabrina Palascino is a state wrestling champion. "I think I'm pretty athletic." But she can't pass the Texas fitness test. "I can't do it. I can't do the test where you supposed to touch your hands behind your back." Her wrestling coach at Palo Duro High is Steve Nelson. He says "I think the test is flawed. I can't even pass the test."

This is the first year Texas required all students in grades three through twelve to take the test. The test is comprised of sit ups, stretch, a mile run, push ups and a height and weight index. Here's how the results break down. 16.4% of students passed all six components. 244 students couldn't pass any of the tests at all. AISD Student Performance Director says "I'm not overly concerned, but it's nothing to be overly thrilled about either. We're right on par with the state, which isn't great because they aren't doing so wonderfully either."

Nelson says the test may be flawed, but that's not all. "I think a lot of kids treat PE class as recess." Palo Duro senior Jasmine Stell says she's not shocked the results are so poor. Just walk into any classroom and you'll see why. "They're really big and just unfit in general."

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