High School....Online, Popularity Growing

Emily Popp, High School Freshman
Emily Popp, High School Freshman
Jay Barrett, AISD Online School President
Jay Barrett, AISD Online School President

High school English, Health, and even Physical Education classes can be taken online and more students are taking advantage of the digital classroom.

Online courses are an increasingly popular way many area students are able to balance electives like sports and music with their core classes. In fact, some Amarillo Independent School District students say learning online can be more beneficial than sitting in a classroom.

And while learning at home gives a student more academic freedom it also gives students the opportunity to complete internships or even graduate early.

Emily Popp is just a freshman but she is already planning ahead to her senior year.

"My senior year I'm taking Animal Science Two," says Popp, "So my senior year we're going to have to take an internship so that's the main reason I did it now so I wouldn't have to deal with it later. I think it will probably make me a better student because I won't have to worry about where my credits are and where I'm gonna take them and stuff."

And taking classes online is not an easy way to get an "A".

Senior Amber Bellinghausen says, "Cause you have to put the effort forward to actually do the class work and not just blow it off because it's online so it doesn't count. You actually have to put forth the effort and try to do well."

AISD Online School President Jay Barrett says,"When my son took online economics this past summer it was alot of work every single night. So if students think it's gonna be a breeze, it's really not. It takes alot of discipline."

The current cost of each course is $100.