Your Glasses May be Wrong

Arthur De Gennaro, Optical Practice Management Consultant
Arthur De Gennaro, Optical Practice Management Consultant
Rick Blankenship, Broome Optical
Rick Blankenship, Broome Optical

You may not be getting what you paid for.

Five out of ten residents have something wrong with their glasses and may not know it.

Flaws range from a scratch on the frames to the wrong prescription. Depending on what the problem may be it could be causing you big problems.

Experts say your eyes can take up to three days to adjust to glasses.. If it has been longer and you are noticing problems be weary.

Optical Practice Management Consultant Arthur De Gennaro says, "Generally the worse thing that happens if your prescription is wrong is you will wind up with a pretty decent headache, so if your eyes feel like they are pulling, or get a headache after three days, I would return the glasses."

Society may be adding to the problem, like the time you or your children spend in front of a computer or television.

Rick Blankenship, ABOC, with Broome Optical says, "In addition to visual problems, we have eye strains, neck problems, we can't find where the glasses work on the computer. It's just been a whole new set of problems that have been created just with the influence of computers."

One of the biggest problems is not being able to tell you have a problem.

De Gennaro says, "A consumer who looks at a finished pair of glasses can't tell if the quality is there or not, so the best thing you can ask for is a written statement that those glasses have passed some rigorous quality assurance program."

Something Broome Optical has already started to do.

"A couple years ago, we implemented a 28 point inspection final inspection checklist for every pair of glasses that goes out of our laboratory into our retail department passes this inspection.' Blankenship says.

Blankenship says if a consumer fears their glasses are flawed.. Bring them in and Broome will give them their inspection.