Bail Jumper: Jason Jicah

An Amarillo man headed to jail for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon decided to never show up for his sentencing. Local bond agent Geno Montano, says this is adding to his felony sentence.

This weeks bail jumper is 31-year old Jason Jicah. He has been wanted by bond agents since August 5th, when he never made it to court after he was found guilty on an assault felony.  Bond Agent Montano, says his client was an unlikely candidate to skip out on his bail. "For years he's been a good client. That's why we were so surprised he didn't show up. I was surprised," Montano said describing Jicah. Montano has called  Jicah's family and has searched the Amarillo area.

Jicah has been in trouble before for D.W.I., possession and probation violations, proving he is no stranger to the court system. "He's always gone to court even called in. Check in every Thursday and would even check in... No problems, Montano said.

The problem started when Jicah convinced a Potter County Judge to give him more time to take care of family business, according to Montano. He said, "He's been through it plenty of times. So he knew what was going on and at first it looked like he was going to take care of some business before he went to do his time".

The bond agent is spending his time searching for Jicah. "He knows I'm not going to stop. I've done this for years I'm not going to stop. The warrant stays active forever," Montano said.

Jason Jicah is 31 year-old Caucasian male, 5'9 with blue eyes and blond hair. If you have any information on Jicah call Central Bail Bonds at 372-1293

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