Gustav cuts power for more than a million in Gulf

BEAUMONT, Texas (AP) - More than a million utility customers are without power in the wake of Hurricane Gustav. And that number is continuing to grow.

Entergy Corporation says nearly 750,000 of its customers are without power, almost all of them in Louisiana, where the company has 1.2 million customers. And the company says power failures are spreading.

It's the third greatest number of outages in Entergy's 95-year history, topped only by outrages during hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Smaller numbers of customers have lost power in the states east of Louisiana. The storm is pushing west toward Texas, where the wind and rain have been picking up.

Cleco Corporation, which has about 275,000 customers in Louisiana, says 140,000 are without power and those outages were also spreading. Dixie Electric Membership Corporation reports on its Web site that 91,000 of its customers are without power.