Lake Meredith Seeing Less Visitors

All summer long Lake Meredith hasn't seen as many people as the park normally does.

And while the lake levels have gone up this month, that's only drawn a slightly bigger crowd for this Labor Day weekend.

If you looked across Lake Meredith today, you wouldn't have seen what most people would think.

Only a few boats sprinkled the lake.

"Visitation has been down compared to last summers, by no means is it nobody coming out," said Matthew Senulis a Park Ranger for the National Park Service.

With Labor Day bringing the summer to a close, workers at the marina have been enthused seeing more people coming out this holiday weekend

"This summer was tough. The wind blew and blew and blew. June was really hot. So it's picked up now in the fall than it has the first part of the summer," said Rita Day, an employee at the Marina at Lake Meredith.

But after a tough summer, visitors are beginning to trickle back into the park and the recent addition of five feet of water has helped.

The ramp at Fritch Fortress was closed until last week and it may be helping more visitors come to the lake.

"Because of the water levels I think only one boat ramp flustered a lot of people and it flustered us too," said Ranger Senulis.

"The lake being up it's like Oh! the boat ramp, the boat ramp. So yea we've had more in our overnight slips, that came down for the weekend and just left them in back. It's been nice," said Day.

Large crowds have been unpredictable at the lake.

Friday the marina didn't rent out a single boat, Saturday they rented out all of them.