Boys Ranch Rodeo: Lessons Learned

Thousands came out in full force this afternoon to Cal Farley's Boys Ranch for the 64th Annual Labor Day Weekend Rodeo. More than 90 kids got the chance to showcase their talents this afternoon and show everyone just what they're made of.

The crowd is big, between 7 and 8 thousand people. Excitement is high, and it's even a little bit dangerous. 18-year-old Daniel Rigsby says "I almost got hit three times today. I came this close to being kicked by a bull."

But it's all part of the fun at Cal Farley's Annual Labor Day Weekend Rodeo. Dan Adams is Boy's Ranch President and CEO. He says, "These kids are from all over the United States. Some of them have never even seen a horse, let alone a bull."

No matter where the child comes from, participants learned a lot from the rodeo, and it has nothing to do with how to rope a steer. Keep going." 14-year-old William Longstrugh says "If you're scared, you just have to keep going. How to be a better man." Rigsby says "Since I've come here I've learned how to calm down and see what's important and how to control my anger."

Lessons that change lives. Rigsby continues, "If I was still at home, I'd be up to no good. Getting in lots of trouble. I'd probably be in jail." Those in the arena aren't the only ones who put on the show. Adams says, "Whether it's selling concessions, in the stands. Food and drinks. They might be working behind the shoots. What you see in the arena is just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more going on behind the scenes.

Boys Ranch employees tell me this was one of the most well attended rodeos they've seen in many years.