Bar Raid Leaves Dozens In Jail

Dozens of people are behind bars on a range of charges this evening after several local law enforcement agencies raided a club early this morning.

Potter County Officials say they had received tips and complaints from citizens about the Cafe bar at 5200 Amarillo Boulevard East.

Just before four this morning, officers raided the club, arresting 35 people on charges ranging from possession of crack cocaine and ecstasy to minors in consumption and possession of alcohol.

Forty-Three more people were arrested for outstanding misdemeanor warrant.  Club operators were also arrested for alcohol and drug related offenses.

During the investigation, undercover officers report alcohol being sold to minors and wide spread drug use and sales in the club.

The raid was a joint effort among the Potter County Sheriff's and Attorney's Office, the Randall County Sheriff's Office, the Amarillo Police Department and several other agencies.