Texas Students' SAT Scores Falling

Texas students are falling behind when they take the SAT test.

The College Board reports Texas students' SAT scores are lower than the national average, a problem that is apparently ongoing.

We are told there is no one reason for the lower scores, which makes it difficult to come up with a solution.

We wanted to know if the TAKS test, the exam every Texas student must pass to graduate, has anything to do with it.

AISD's Director of Guidance & Counseling, Paula Ward, says "the SAT is more of a reasoning test, it is a higher level than what they are taught in high school but TAKS is tied to the TEA curriculum we teach."  Ward says that means students have to go above and beyond what they are taught in high school to prepare for the SAT.

Another issue could be time. SAT Preparation Course teacher Rebecca Griffin says, "they are given longer periods of time whereas with the SAT it is timed and scores are based on how well they did on each section."

Another reason could be simple logistics. WTAMU Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. James Hallmark, says "there are more people taking it. And when that happens, the average is lowered."

Hallmark says the first step to possibly solving the situation is pinpointing exactly why students are losing ground on the test.

Both Ward and Griffin urge students to take preparation courses before taking the test.

Hallmark says this year,WT has turned down more students than before for low SAT scores.