County Manager Answers Questions about Escape

Below you will find our e-mail to Curry Co. Manager Lance Pyle, complete with his responses underlined.

1. When was the last bed check the night of the escape? - Under

2. Last head count? - Under investigation

3. How many guards were watching the security cameras? - In the control
room, where the surveillance monitors are located we have one officer
assigned to that duty.

4. How many guards were patrolling the facility? - Five (5) Officers, one
(1) Sergeant, two (2) Booking officers.

5. If the front camera doesn't record whose responsibility was it to watch
the live image on the screen? - Curry County Adult Detention Center has
twenty-four (24) cameras, of which three (3) are outside. We have one (1)
camera on the front of the building and it is a door camera that is
monitored by the booking staff of who is entering the facility. It is not a
recordable camera, but it was working for the purpose for which it was

6. What was the ratio of guards to inmates? - On Sunday evening we had 199
inmates in the facility.

7. What is supposed to be the ratio? - Part of Assessment

8. Seven guards was called understaffed - what is staffed? - We are
currently allotted sixty-one (61) detention center employees, of which we
are currently down eleven (11).

9. The facility has had several problems, drugs being brought it, inmates
getting out, ect - what is being done to change things? - This is not a
problem unique to Curry County. All detention centers have issues. We have
an assessment being conducted and any matter that is being brought to our
attention is being investigated. Also, we have transported additional
inmates out of county to be housed until the staffing levels increase.

10. I know the Jail Administrator is new - was she prepared for the job? -
Warden Leslie Johnson retired on 8/16/08. She had been employed with Curry
County since March 1, 2006. She hired Audrey Barriga as her assistant on
March 1, 2006. Ms. Barriga has over eleven (11) years of correctional
experience and she was appointed as the Interim Detention Administrator on

11. Can you ensure residents they are safe? - We can assure the residents
that additional staff has been called in to assist, and law Enforcement is
making periodic walk-throughs of the facility and grounds.

12. Do you believe someone working at the jail assisted in the escape? -
Part of the investigation.

Response by Lance A. Pyle, Curry County Manager

ADC Positions

Assistant Warden
9 Booking Specialists
1 Receptionist
1 Secretary
1 Captain
3 Lieutenants
5 Sergeants
2 Jail Electronic Home Detention Officers
33 Detention Officers
4 Transportation Officers

Positions allotted by the Curry County Commission to the Adult Detention

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