Child Care Concerns

A warning is going out to Panhandle parents, to research your child's day care before you send them off, according to Texas Child Protective Services.

School may have already started but parents are still searching for day care for children who are not of school age, and for some parents that task is not easy. The job of locating a reputable day care is becoming more and more difficult for parents.

Parent Kelly Jones knows first hand the difficulty of child care. "You just want your kids to have a good loving environment where they get to interact with other children and learn, " Jones said.

That issue is not getting easier anytime soon for good and comfortable facilities for your child. "Its so hard to get into any place that is good and affordable and they feel comfortable with," Jones said.

Child Protective Services Official Greg Cunningham understands the need for quality and affordable day care. "It's a tough decision and we recognize. It's expensive, sometimes it's hard to find a spot in a good day care. Sometimes it's hard to afford a good day care," Cunnigham said.

Last year more than 10 children died in day care facilities across Texas. For that reason C.P.S officials are encouraging parents to do their research.  "You got to put the homework in. You got to check out their inspections then go to the facility and talk to the director and the teachers out there," Cunningham said.

To help with that search, Family and Protective Services has a website that will tell you whether a day care has any health, sanitation of safety violations, and more importantly whether they are actually licensed with the state.

For parents some say the best way to judge is by intuition. "Make sure they feel good about the place if you get a gut feeling. Generally i wouldn't leave my child there.," Jones explains.