High School Dropouts Hurt AISD

Caprock Cluster Director Doug Loomis
Caprock Cluster Director Doug Loomis

Students dropping out of high school is becoming an increasingly large problem both in Texas locally in Amarillo. More than 119,000 teenagers drop out of Texas high schools every year.

Those dropouts cost the state.... Approximately $32,000 per child. The state of Texas as a whole has a graduation rate of 67%. Amarillo ISD's graduation rate isn't that low, but it's not perfect, and school officials say it hurts.

Caprock Cluster Director Doug Loomis says "It hurts us in our accountability rating. We're based on completion ratings. Right now AISD has an 83%completion rate. That's following kids ninth grade through twelfth. We would like to have that rate at 100%."

Studies have shown the 17% of kids who don't graduate from high school have a higher incarceration rate, a higher Medicaid usage rate and contribute less in income taxes than those who graduate from high school.