Questions Unanswered in Curry County Jail Break

District Attorney Matthew Chandler
District Attorney Matthew Chandler
Curry County Sheriff Matt Murray
Curry County Sheriff Matt Murray

Residents in Curry County question their safety this evening after five days of unanswered questions about how eight inmates escaped.

Some residents say they feel they are either being lied too, or something is being hidden.

As theirs and our questions go answered.

We finally have answers about the outside cameras. Turns out they were working and on at the time of the escape... But were not recording..

So there is no footage of the men running from the facility.

This footage is of three men escaping pod 2... But there are still unanswered questions here.

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Reporter ask, "how many people were watching these cameras, how many were actually guards wise, walking around, so people watching cameras/walking around the facility?" District Attorney Matthew Chandler answers, "that's a question for the County Manager or Detention Center Administrator"

We took that question to the administrator.. She told me today she couldn't answer it.

We also didn't receive answers on when the last bed check or head count was preformed the night of the escape.

Here is what we were told...

Call back Tuesday when an investigation of the jail and escape is expected to be completed.

And we've been told the facility was and is understaffed.

Curry County Sheriff Matt Murray says, "no, it's not up to staff now."

NewsChannel 10 has spoken with District Attorney Chandler Thursday.. He says officials have had a meeting and our questions will be answered.

We will let you know as soon as they are.